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Relaxing By The Pond

Relaxing By The Pond
Jacob & JackRyan

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whew... after rushing around and leaving, we get there and there was only an activity for the girls, Rebecca and Megan. So, the boys and I headed back home. It's only a 2 minute drive so it was no biggy. The girls get to go to a pizza party at the church and so the boys, all four of them, came home with me and we had a honey bbq chicken and mozzarella stick party LOL. They seemed to enjoy that! So now we wait a bit longer and then we're off to church again to actually go to church this time LOL They will have classes for the little ones and I think for my junior highers and high schoolers.

You see, we are new to Springfield. We moved here a month and a half ago. We simply love living in Missouri and have recently been blessed with buying a nice home here. We are more than grateful because we were in the military and have moved all over the world. Though we had an amazing and interesting time (I'm sure I will tell you all about it) we desperately wanted a place to call our own! Back to what I was saying...We've lived in South Korea, Vermont, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri of course. And we've been other places and some just Tom went to: The Gulf, Madrid Spain, Tokyo, flew over Alaska - it was beautiful!! We've driven through most of the states and hopefully will be visiting others this summer.

We finally get a vacation this year for the first time in four long years. We temporarily left Missouri a few years back to take care of my step dad who was dying. He actually recooperated, then almost died again but thanks to me coming over to deliver some more goodies to him. I discov